UIG - Universal Industrial Gases, LLC., is a full-service supplier of air separation plants, oxygen and nitrogen plants and CO2 plants. Gas & liquid supplier to end users and to distributors of bulk liquids & packaged gases. Welcome to UIG and UCG.  About us: UIG provides air separation plants world-wide.  UCG owns and operates on-site nitrogen and oxygen gas production plants in North America

About Universal Industrial Gases, LLC. 

Universal Industrial Gases (UIG) is a USA-based, world-wide supplier of industrial gases production equipment plus related engineering, installation and startup services. UIG supplies air separation plants and related equipment to companies desirous of owning and operating their own nitrogen, oxygen, argon and compressed dry air production units.  UIG also serves users which prefer to purchase industrial gases as utility-like, "over the fence", onsite-produced, pipeline-delivered products.

UIG's plant operations affiliate, Universal Cryo Gas (UCG) owns and operates systems which supply nitrogen, oxygen and argon to users in a utility-like fashion multi-year supply contracts. 

UIG also supplies compressed dry air in a utility-like manner to high volume users through "over-the-fence" multi-year on-site supply arrangements. 

The products made in UIG supplied plants and UCG installations support processes used in a wide range of industries.  These include steelmaking, metals manufacturing, metals fabrication, refining, chemicals, energy exploration and production, electronics, food and beverage processing, rubber, plastics, glass, and pulp and paper. UIG provides plants and services to individual end users as well as to other industrial gas companies engaged in the production and distribution of gas and liquid products.   

Our home office is located in the north-east United States, in eastern Pennsylvania; a little more than a one hour drive west from New York City or north from Philadelphia. UIG serves customers throughout the world. 
UIG and UCG focus on "middle market" nitrogen and oxygen gas users 

"Middle Market" customers are users which have product demands large enough to make on-site gas production more economically attractive than purchasing and vaporizing bulk liquid products.  Typical UCG and UIG atmospheric gases customers require between 40 to 700 tons per day of nitrogen and/ or oxygen. 

  • Oxygen and nitrogen users at the lower end of this production range can typically save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year versus continuing to purchase costly and volatile-priced liquid nitrogen or oxygen. 

  • Industrial gases users requiring hundreds of tons per day of product will find that UIG and UCG are able to offer onsite gas production and supply solutions which are attractively priced and contain more customer-friendly commercial terms than are typically available from other onsite gas producers / suppliers. 


With UIG and UCG, you have choices

We want to earn your business by offering on-site industrial gases supply arrangements that meet your needs in a cost-effective and reliable manner.   

We want to keep your business by providing responsive, customer-friendly service. 

UIG and UCG will work with you to analyze the alternatives so that you can choose the production / supply approach which best meets your needs and preferences. 

Option 1: Own a plant and produce your industrial gas needs

  Many industrial gases users can reduce their sourcing costs significantly by purchasing a UIG gas production unit and integrating it with their current operations and maintenance functions instead of relying on one of the major industrial gas companies to produce gases for them or using vaporized bulk liquid products as their sole source of required industrial gases.

UIG supplies equipment to produce oxygen, nitrogen and argon in gas and/or liquid form.  We supply new and used gas and liquid plants, storage tanks, vaporizers and other plant components.  

UIG offers new plants and supply systems which are optimized for cost effective, reliable, operationally flexible production at your site. 

UIG-supplied plants can be provided with any required degree of pre-startup support, up to full "turnkey" installation (complete installation by UIG).

UIG also provides post-startup plant operations and maintenance support, customized to optimally supplement owner-operator in-house capabilities and resources.    

In addition to designing and supplying new plants, UIG is often able to offer refurbished and upgraded used production plant options. When there is a good match between user needs and available equipment, fully-engineered combinations of new and reconditioned components can provide excellent performance coupled with lower installed cost and faster delivery than all-new plants.  

Option 2: Purchase gases produced at your site  

.Universal Cryo Gas, on-site plant operator, onsite gas supplier   Universal Cryo Gas (UCG) will operate and maintain a production plant at your site to produce and deliver your nitrogen or oxygen needs. 

UCG onsite gas supply arrangements provide users with cost savings and long-term price stability. Onsite supply contracts typically have initial supply periods between seven and fifteen years in length

Typical initial year savings for UCG customers who have been vaporizing bulk liquid products, will be 20% to 40%; which usually equates to saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.   

If you currently purchase (or expect that you will soon need to purchase) more than about one and a half trailer loads of liquid nitrogen or oxygen each day (more than about 30 tons per day or 25 million SCF per month) you should investigate UCG onsite gas supply.

We will meet your needs with the very best industrial gases supply solution 

UIG is staffed with highly experienced professionals dedicated to understanding your needs and preferences and meeting them. UIG will offer a gas and/or liquid production system that will reliably and cost effectively supply the products you need; now and into the future. 

Whether you prefer to purchase industrial gases as utility-like pipeline-delivered gas products, or own and operate a UIG-supplied gas production system, our goal is to meet your needs. 

UIG supplies plants, equipment and services in most parts of the world 

We have executed projects in many countries, including the United States, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Italy, the Dominican Republic, Poland, Peru, Albania, Ukraine, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

We know that successful projects require viable commercial arrangements 

We will work with you to define mutually beneficial product supply and equipment purchase arrangements which reflect your unique situation. 

 We want to earn your business.   We want to keep your business.

UIG and UCG provide responsive service to our clients.  We offer attractively-priced industrial gas supply solutions; provide fast plant delivery and installation; and back up our commitments with performance guarantees and mechanical warranties.  

  • UIG and UCG have fewer overheads and less inertia than our larger competitors
  • We can move, make decisions, and execute projects quickly
  • We can save you money   

Make a Change for the Better

Click the "Contact Us" button on this or any page, or call or us to discuss your needs. 

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