Full-service supplier of air separation plants, oxygen and nitrogen generators and CO2 plants. Gas & liquid supplier to end users and to distributors of bulk liquids & packaged gases. Air: Source of the industrial gas products oxygen, nitrogen and argon

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About Universal Industrial Gases

Industrial Gases Products & Services

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Compressed Dry Air Supply

UCG Onsite Gas & Liquid Supply

Employment / Careers with UIG
  Job postings - Open Positions                Assistant Plant Manager ASU Georgia
Operator / Mechanic, ASU Georgia

Universal Cryo Gas - Onsite Gas Producer - Nitrogen Supplier, Oxygen Supplier, Argon Supplier

     Universal Cryo Gas Home Page
        Oxygen Supplier (GOX, LOX)
        Nitrogen Supplier (GAN, LIN)
        Argon Supplier (GAR, LAR)

     About Universal Cryo Gas
     Universal Cryo Gas - Q&A
     UCG - A Change for the Better

     UCG - Tips on Changing Supplier

Liquid CO2 - Carbon Dioxide         Liquefaction Plants

Project Showcase - Highlights
  100 tpd Oxygen + 200 tpd Liquid Plant
  200 tpd Oxygen + Liquid Argon Plant
  Small Cryogenic Gaseous Oxygen Plant
  100 t/d Liquid CO2 Plant - Poland
  Small Gaseous Nitrogen Cryogenic Plant
  100 tpd Oxygen for Saudi Arabia
  Low Purity Oxygen PSA for Albania
  250 tpd Liquid CO2 Plant - WI, USA

  All New ASU / Liquefier Plants
     New Carlisle, Indiana
     Carrollton, Kentucky
  Oxygen and Nitrogen to Hunt Refinery

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   UIG Article on Make vs Buy Decisions  

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Air Separation Technologies Overview
     Cryogenic Air Separation Processes
     Liquefier Processes and Integration

     Non-Cryogenic Air Separation
     Product Supply and Delivery Modes
     Plant Selection & System Optimization

Air: Source of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon
     Carbon Dioxide in Air
     Moist Air Properties and Relationships
     Psychrometric chart (I-P Units) (pdf)
     Psychrometric chart (SI Units)  (pdf)

Industrial Gases Characteristics & Uses
     Oxygen - O2 Applications
     Nitrogen - N2 Applications
     Argon - Ar Applications
     Neon, Krypton, Xenon - Applications
     Carbon Dioxide - CO2  Applications
     Hydrogen - H2 Applications and Uses

Properties of Gases & Other Chemicals
     Physical Properties (English Units)
Physical Properties (Metric)

Active Unit Converter Toolbox
Temperature and Pressure Units
     Usage Rate Unit Converter
      Air Quantity Unit Converter
     Oxygen Quantity Unit Converter

      Nitrogen Quantity Unit Converter
      Argon Quantity Unit Converter
CO2 Quantity Unit Converter
     Power and Energy Unit Converter
     Weight Unit Converter
     Length Unit Converter
     Area Unit Converter
     Volume Unit Converter

     Psychrometric Calculator

Conversion Factor Tables
Oxygen Unit Conversion (gas, liquid)
      Nitrogen Unit Conversion (gas, liquid)
      Argon Unit Conversion (gas, liquid)
      Hydrogen Unit Conversion (gas, liquid)
 CO2 Unit Conversion (gas, liquid, solid)

Atmospheric Pressure versus Elevation

Refurbished Plants: Used & Upgraded  Oxygen Plants, Nitrogen Plants, Air Separation Plants

Used Plants and Equipment of Special Interest

New Plant Portfolio - Overview
     Air Separation Plants: ASU
     Cryogenic Oxygen Plants
     Cryogenic Nitrogen Plants
     Non-cryogenic Nitrogen Plants - PSA
     Nitrogen Plants - LIN Assist
     Universal 3000 - Merchant Plant
     Universal 8000 - Merchant Plant
     Liquid CO2 Plants

Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tanks, Vaporizers and Transport Trailers -

New Equipment
    LOX/ LIN/ LAR Customer Stations

     Large LOX/ LIN/ LAR Storage Tanks
     CO2 Storage Tanks
      Cryogenic Transport Trailers    

Used Storage Tanks and Vaporizers

Used Cryogenic Liquid Trailers 
     Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, CO2

Industrial Gases Safety

Emergency Response

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
Liquid Argon (Ar, LAR)
     Gaseous Argon (Ar, GAR)
     Liquid Nitrogen (N2, LIN, LN)
     Gaseous Nitrogen (N2, GAN, GN)

     Liquid Oxygen (O2, LOX, LO)
     Gaseous Oxygen (O2, GOX, GO)


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