Universal Cryo Gas -  On-site Gas Producer / Supplier - Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon About UCG: On-site producer / supplier of the atmospheric industrial gases Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon.

About Universal Cryo Gas, LLC
On-site Producer and Supplier of Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon

UCG onsite oxygen and nitrogen plant - Hunt Refining - Tuscaloosa AL

  Universal Cryo Gas supplies nitrogen, oxygen and other industrial gas products to customers by pipeline from dedicated on-site plants.  

Universal Cryo Gas plant producing nitrogen in North Carolina (NC).

Universal Cryo Gas supplies on-site-produced nitrogen, oxygen and argon to customers in North America
Universal Cryo Gas, LLC  -  On-Site Industrial Gases Producer
Universal Cryo Gas, LLC was formed in 2005 as a plant operations / on-site gas supply affiliate of Universal Industrial Gases, Inc.  UCG is headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA. 

Universal Cryo Gas owns and operates industrial gas plants producing nitrogen, oxygen and argon.  These products are supplied to customers under long-term product supply agreements. 

On-site gas production, from a dedicated plant (air separation unit, oxygen plant, or nitrogen plant) which is owned and operated by an industrial gas supplier, is the most common supply mode for large volume industrial gas users, such as companies in the metals and metal products, chemicals, foods, electronic components, glass, pulp and paper products industries.  

Universal Cryo Gas on-site gas supply arrangements combine equipment supply and installation by UIG with ongoing operations and maintenance by UCG. 

UCG Serves Clients Which Prefer Utility-like Delivery of Onsite-Produced Industrial Gases

Many industrial gas users prefer to focus their capital expenditures and their management, operations and maintenance resources, on operations and technology which are unique to their industry.

They do not wish to own and operate industrial gas production plants when other companies, such as Universal Cryo Gas, which have industrial gas plant installation, operation and maintenance as their primary company activities, will make the necessary investment and provide the support services to supply them with a reliable and cost-effective, utility-like supply of nitrogen and oxygen products. 

UCG Serves Clients Throughout North America

The initial UCG owned and operated plant was brought on steam in 2005 to serve the needs of a large, multi-product, specialty chemical manufacturing site located in the mid-western United States. In 2006, UCG began supplying nitrogen to another  specialty chemical manufacturing complex in the southeastern U.S. 

In 2009, UCG began producing both oxygen and nitrogen to support operation of a petroleum refinery located in the state of Alabama.  Additional UCG production facilities are expected to come on stream in the near future.   

About Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. -  UCG Affiliate and Plant Supplier

Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. designs, manufactures, supplies and installs air separation equipment and provides operations and maintenance services to end-user owner-operators of oxygen plants, nitrogen plants, and air separation plants.  UIG has been in business since 1992.

Plants supplied by UIG produce nitrogen, oxygen and argon, as gases and liquids, for steel mills, chemical production facilities, metals processing facilities, and other industrial gases users in approximately one dozen countries. UIG also designs, owns and operates Compressed Dry Air supply systems serving high demand industrial complexes.

UIG also supplies onsite gas production plants and merchant liquid production plants to other industrial gas companies to produce gas and liquid products for their customers.  UIG-supplied plants are owned and operated by several of the largest industrial gas companies in the world. 

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