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Universal Industrial Gases and Dow Corning
Announce Supply Agreement

(News Release - 5 May 2005)

(Easton, PA) Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. (UIG) will supply nitrogen, a utility gas, to Dow Corning beginning in August 2005.  With Phase I construction already underway, UIG plans to operate a nitrogen generator, which removes the oxygen from the air in a cryogenic process, to produce inert nitrogen gas for Dow Corning.  Located on Dow Corning property along U.S. Highway 42, in Carrollton, KY, the UIG plant will supply nitrogen via pipeline.  

Walt Dwarnick, UIG Sales and Marketing Manager, emphasized, “We can provide significant cost savings for Dow Corning with an on-site nitrogen plant now and even greater benefits when liquefied co-products are made available to Dow Corning and the local markets.”

Phase II negotiations are already underway for UIG to expand their Carrollton operation to manufacture liquid oxygen, nitrogen, and argon for sale to other industries.  Over time, UIG expects to create several new jobs in Carrollton.

Dow Corning Supply Manager Jodi Dudley commented, “UIG’s flexibility and their competitive offering are the key reasons we chose them to be our nitrogen supplier.”

“This partnership strengthens our local industrial base, and it creates jobs,” added Carroll Co. Judge/Executive Harold Tomlinson.  “This is good for our community.”

About Dow Corning:

Dow Corning (www.dowcorning.com) provides performance-enhancing solutions to serve the diverse needs of more than 25,000 customers worldwide.  A global leader in silicon-based technology and innovation, offering more than 7,000 products and services, Dow Corning is equally owned by The Dow Chemical Company and Corning, Incorporated.  More than half of Dow Corning’s annual sales are outside the United States.  

About Universal Industrial Gases, Inc:

Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. (UIG) was founded in 1992, is headquartered in Easton, PA and operates worldwide.  UIG provides new, used and certified pre-owned air separation plants, oxygen and nitrogen generators, and cryogenic liquid storage and distribution equipment as well as related engineering, installation, operation and maintenance services.  In addition, the company recently entered the onsite gas and merchant liquid markets.  UIG products and services are used in numerous industries, including metals manufacturing and fabrication, chemicals, food and beverage processing, glass, pulp and paper.  For more information on UIG,  please visit www.uigi.com

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