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UIG's Latest Company Owned and Operated Air Separation Plant - in Georgia

UIG’s latest owned and operated air separation plant is now in operation in Warner Robins, Georgia. The facility produces oxygen, nitrogen and argon. It is currently supplying liquid products to users through established local liquid distribution channels. 

UIG is proud to have added this location to its group of owned and operated gas and liquid product supply plants. UIG operates several other on-site gas supply and liquid production plants in the Southeastern United States.

Click on this aerial photo of the plant to see a video (hosted on YouTube) which includes panoramic views of the Warner Robins facility, and shows a Matheson cryogenic trailer being filled with liquid nitrogen. 

Warner Robins Aerial View


UIG Article on Make vs. Buy Decisions

(July, 2018) - UIG offers many supply options to users of industrial gas products such as nitrogen and oxygen in recognition that every site and operating situation is unique.  Many factors impact the decision to choose a supply mode and supplier for these essential safety-related or raw material gases.  Make vs. buy is partly a matter of economics and partly a matter of operating philosophy.

But then there are other layers of complexity involving definition of the optimum initial capacity, longer-term needs, impact of end user operating hours, daily and seasonal variations in demand, and supply continuity.   As a supplier of production plants and on-site produced industrial gas products, UIG is very cognizant of the need to thoroughly evaluate the pros and cons of all of the feasible options, to ensure that the end user will find the chosen route to be the "best" long-term solution. 

Kevin Baker, UIG Chief Operating Officer, discusses many of these issues in an article published by gasworld in July 2018.  Entitled Merchant vs Plant Supply, it can be viewed here.

UIG has moved its Headquarters

(October 5, 2015) - As a result of continuing business growth and increasing numbers of employees, Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. has relocated its home office operations to expanded quarters approximately five miles southwest of its former location.

The new office facilities not only provide more space to accommodate current activities, but also provide room to grow the company and staff in a planned and coherent manner. 

The office floor plan and work station configurations have been designed to facilitate efficient interaction among business team members, engineering and design personnel, and other functional groups.

Strategically placed open areas have been set aside to allow efficient integration of new staff, business sectors and operational groups, as growth continues.  

Several specialized conference rooms are now available to accommodate concurrent internal staff conferences and meetings with visitors.

The new office also features very high-speed internet connections for efficient data transfer.

UIG Home Office - Emrick Blvd, Bethlehem PA


UIG looks forward to serving both existing and new customers from our new and improved facilities. 

Our new address:

                 3001 Emrick Blvd., Suite 320

                 Bethlehem PA, 18020  USA

Telephone numbers and fax numbers are unchanged.

The new location is one block west of PA Route 33; between I-78 and US-22, in Bethlehem, PA.


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