UIG is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of cryogenic air separation plants, oxygen plants and nitrogen plants. Universal Industrial Gases plants are sold to industrial manufacturers and to distributors of bulk liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon. Manufacturer and supplier of cryogenic air separation plants, including oxygen and nitrogen plants and liquefiers, provider of engineering, installation and other field services

Cryogenic Air Separation Plants and Liquid Plants
Producing Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon

Universal Industrial Gases is a designer, manufacturer, supplier and installer of cryogenic air separation plants producing high purity nitrogen, oxygen and argon. In addition to multi-product air separation units, single-product cryogenic oxygen plants and cryogenic nitrogen plants are also available.

UIG air separation plants, nitrogen production plants and oxygen production plants can be linked with stand-alone or fully integrated liquefiers to produce liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen for  distribution as bulk merchant liquids or for in-house use. 

UIG new merchant liquid products plants and "piggyback" gas and liquid product plants can be designed and built to produce nitrogen and oxygen at virtually any specified combination of gas and liquid production rates through integration of appropriately sized air separation units and liquefier units.

  UIG designs and constructs cryogenic oxygen plants, cryogenic nitrogen plants, cryogenic air separation plants and liquefiers

Typical Production Capacity Ranges - UIG Cryo Plants


Product /

Capacity Capacity Capacity Capacity Capacity Capacity

Plant Type






Nm3/ Month

Oxygen 100 - 900 90 - 820


75 - 660

2650 24,000

 2,000,000 - 17,500,000
from ASU            
Nitrogen 100 - 2400 90 - 2200


84 - 2020

3000 72,600

 2,200,000 - 53,000,000
from ASU            
Argon 3 - 45 3 - 41 2400 - 36,300 1.8 - 26.5 65 - 950 46,000 - 700,000
from ASU            
 LOX / LIN Bulk Liquid 100 - 950 90 - 890

110,000 - 1,100,000

83 - 800

3000 - 28,500

2,200,000 - 20,500,000

N2-Only Plant

33 - 170 30 - 160

38,000 200,000

28 - 150

1000 - 1,000

730,000 - 3,800,000

O2-Only Plant

50 - 140 45 - 125

 50,000 140,000

38 - 770

1300 3700

1,000,000 - 2,800,000

UIG Cryogenic Air Separation Plants and Liquefiers - Standards and Options:

  • UIG cryogenic air separation plants and liquefier units are designed for minimal operator supervision.  Plants include automated process optimization, remote monitoring and control capabilities, provisions for automatic call-out of support personnel when out of range conditions are encountered, automatic shutdown if potentially unsafe conditions are detected, and automatic activation of backup liquid vaporization systems to maintain continuity of pipeline product deliveries.

  • UIG cryogenic air separation plants and cryogenic oxygen plants utilize energy efficient dual column technology. 

  • UIG cryogenic nitrogen plants may employ single-column technology to produce nitrogen gas at common distribution pressures without a product compressor.

  • Pumped-LOX cryogenic air separation cycles allow oxygen to be produced at pipeline distribution pressure, eliminating the need for an oxygen compressor.

  • UIG air separation plants and cryogenic oxygen plants can be supplied with all-cryogenic argon recovery and purification systems or de-oxo systems; depending upon user preferences.. 

  • Air separation units, cryogenic nitrogen plants and cryogenic oxygen plants can produce a small portion of total product as liquid to maintain the inventory of backup liquid to deal with production outages. When relatively large volumes of liquid nitrogen or oxygen are required, UIG liquefier units can be added to provide the necessary refrigeration.  

  • "Stand-alone" ASU and liquefier combinations provide operators with the greatest amount of operational flexibility.  The ability to vary the product mix is particularly useful option for operators of "piggyback" plants which may produce a significant percentage of the total product volume as pipelined gas for on-site use. 

  • Fully-integrated liquefier and air separation systems can be supplied as well.  Fully integrated configurations can be the most cost effective choice when most, if not all, of the plant production will be in liquid form. 


UIG gas and liquid supply systems are optimized to meet customer-specific requirements in a cost-effective and reliable manner. Variables which impact design of the supply system include:

  • Number of products required (nitrogen, or oxygen, or nitrogen plus oxygen and  argon)

  • Required product purities

  • Required product delivery pressures

  • Desired range of production rates

  • Daily and long term variations in demand

  • Cost of electric power


UIG Field Services: Installation, Commissioning, and Customer Support


UIG's air separation equipment and services scope of supply is determined by the individual needs needs and preferences of each customer.  Often, a mix of field responsibilities is most cost and schedule effective.

New plants can be purchased FOB manufacturing sites, or with UIG installation, commissioning and other services - with the scope extending to to full turkey installation with commissioning, operator training and ongoing customer plant support services.

Examples of UIG-Supplied Air Separation and Liquefaction Plants


Visit our Project Showcase page to view photos taken during installation of some of UIG's all-new plants. 


Bulk merchant liquids plant designed by Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. and supplied to Airgas, in New Carlisle, IN.


Molecular sieve unit and cold boxes near compressor building in New Carlisle, Indiana cryogenic air separation plant designed and supplied by UIG.

Bulk liquid trailer loading area in UIG designed and supplied cryogenic air separation plant / bulk merchant liquids plant.

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