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250 STPD Liquid CO2 Plant;     Wisconsin, USA

  UIG supplied and installed a 250 tons/ day food and beverage grade Liquid Carbon Dioxide plant to purify and liquefy CO2 for the Utica Energy, LLC corn-to-ethanol plant in the Town of Utica, in the state of Wisconsin, USA.

The UIG scope of supply included project management, overall process and mechanical design of the CO2 recovery, purification and liquefaction equipment; and fabrication, procurement services, construction and field support through plant commissioning and startup. 


CO2 plant components include feed gas compression, purification, drying and condensing equipment, an ammonia refrigeration system, computer process control system, product analyzer panel, two 500 ton liquid CO2 storage tanks and loading pumps. 

The CO2 plant began operation in June 2003.  UIG provided plant operations personnel training, post-startup technical support services, and initial liquid CO2 market development services to the plant owner. Product is sold to end-users in Wisconsin and to established distributors serving the state of Wisconsin and parts of Illinois and Iowa.  

Major Equipment Items and Field Construction Services:

Skids being unloaded for installation in the building
Most major process components were supplied on three large skidded modules, with other plant components on several smaller skids.  UIG also supplied two stand-alone columns, two 500 ton liquid CO2 storage tanks, a motor control center, and the process control system.  Product quality is monitored and controlled using extraordinarily precise process and product analyzers, .

Process Skid #1 is 13 feet wide by 50 feet long. It contains CO2 booster compression, CO2 phase separation, the water wash tower and associated smaller equipment. 

Moving equipment into the building

Process Skid #2, 13 feet by 50 feet, contains ammonia compression, drier vessels, CO2 gas chiller, CO2 reboiler, CO2 purification column, primary condenser, subcooler, vent condenser and high pressure ammonia receiver.

The CO2 Blower Skid is 17 feet long and 9 feet wide.  It contains the inlet vessel separator and CO2 raw gas blower.

Setting equipment in the CO2 Process Building
The two 500 ton liquid CO2 storage vessels are 119 feet long and 12.5 feet in diameter. 
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