UIG: Full-service supplier of air separation plants, oxygen and nitrogen generators and CO2 plants. Gas & liquid supplier to end users and to distributors of bulk liquids & packaged gases. Employment opportunity in Tuscaloosa Alabama (AL) with Universal Cryo Gas.  Site Management / Operation of an Air Separation Plant producing oxygen and nitrogen gases for refinery use.

 Job Opening

ASU Proposal Engineer/Manager



Universal Industrial Gases is seeking an experienced ASU Proposal Engineer/Manager

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Purpose: Work with sales team to develop professional and winning proposals.



  • Supports the sales team by gathering information on sales opportunities; analyzing plant performance and scope of supply requirements; analyzing the relative costs and benefits of potential supply solutions; preparing responsive proposal documentation required to support the proposal development and contract negotiation process.

  • Coordinates the internal proposal development activities. 

  • Verifies that the proposal package conforms to all critical process requirements, scope of supply requirements, and project execution/delivery requirements.

  • Maintains information data bases which will assist in preparing responsive proposals as efficiently as possible.

  • Generates and updates capital and operating cost estimation programs which facilitate efficient screening of, and development of, new sales opportunities.

Minimum Qualifications:

  •  Bachelor's Degree in engineering and/or business

  • 10 years of industrial gas industry experience.

  • 5 years of relevant project development, proposal development, project management or sales experience.

  • Candidate must be flexible, results-driven but team spirited; have excellent computer skills, communication skills and ability to multi-task; be able to address high level issues and specific details in an integrated manner.


Universal Industrial Gases (UIG) :

  • USA-based, world-wide supplier of industrial gases production equipment plus related engineering, installation, startup and ongoing operations and maintenance services.

  • Owns and operates on-site production plants which supply nitrogen and oxygen to companies requiring these gases.

  • Offers the challenges and rewards with a company that gets the job done. 

  • We are seeking qualified people who are self-motivated and responsible, with good communications skills, who take pride in doing their part to accomplish things in a quality manner. 

Send resume to   employment@uigi.com

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