UIG: Full-service supplier of air separation plants, oxygen and nitrogen generators and CO2 plants. Gas & liquid supplier to end users and to distributors of bulk liquids & packaged gases. Employment opportunity in Tuscaloosa Alabama (AL) with Universal Cryo Gas.  Site Management / Operation of an Air Separation Plant producing oxygen and nitrogen gases for refinery use.

 UIG Job Opening - Easton Pennsylvania

ASU Proposal Development Engineer / Manager


Universal Industrial Gases is seeking experienced Proposal Development
specialists to support continuing growth in proposal development activity 



Position Description for Proposal Engineer / Manager


  • Proposal development engineers and managers work with UIG sales managers; process, project and other engineering personnel; plus financial, legal and other resources to develop winning proposals.

  • Proposal development engineers and managers support the sales process. The primary responsibilities include gathering information on potential opportunities; analyzing customer data and scope of supply requirements; analyzing the relative costs and benefits of alternative plant equipment and services offerings; and preparing responsive proposal documentation and other forms of information which are needed to support presentations made to potential customers, creation of budgetary and final proposals, and, as needed, support the contract negotiation process. 

  • Proposal development engineers and managers coordinate much of the internal proposal development process and manage interfaces UIG Sales and Project personnel, and with external resources and vendors.  Ensuring that required data and proposal documentation is produced when needed, at the level of detail needed, is a primary role of the proposal development specialist.  

  • Project definition and development may require input from personnel involved with process engineering; project engineering; multiple detailed design disciplines; machinery suppliers; other critical equipment suppliers; fabrication specialists; construction, startup and operations personnel; cost estimators, and financial analysis personnel. 

  • A successful Proposal Development Manager will maintain information data bases which will assist in preparing responsive proposals as efficiently as possible. These will include capital and operating cost estimation programs which facilitate efficient screening of, and development of, new sales opportunities, as well as general background information on UIG, its capabilities, organization and practices. 

  • Work efforts and products will vary in complexity and format with the stage of proposal / project development. 

    Skills and Qualifications:

  • A successful proposal development engineer or manager must have a relevant mix of technical and business knowledge, skills, and experience; plus very good communications, coordination, proposal-writing and presentation-development skills.

  • Preferred proposal development candidates will have a degree in engineering and/or business and at least five years of relevant project development, proposal development, project management or sales experience. Work experience which includes the production or use of industrial gas products is most useful.  Relevant experience in other industries such as refining, natural gas and petrochemical processing, specialty chemical manufacture or hydrogen production; or in an engineering services firm, can also be valuable.  

  • The ideal candidate will be flexible, team-spirited; have excellent communications skills; be able to multi-task; be able to handle sometimes rapid changes in the relative priority of individual project support efforts; and be able to address both high level issues and specific details in an integrated manner.  

  • This position will be Head Office based.

  • Travel requirements will vary, but may average around 10 to 20%. 

Universal Industrial Gases (UIG) is a USA-based, world-wide supplier of industrial gases production equipment plus related engineering, installation, startup and ongoing operations and maintenance services.

UIG also owns and operates on-site production plants which supply nitrogen, oxygen, argon and other products to companies under long-term supply agreements. 

  • UIG offers the challenges and rewards of working in a relatively small company. 

  • We have a lean and flexible workforce, with fewer overheads and less inertia than our larger competitors.

  • We value both depth and breadth of experience.

We are seeking qualified people who are self-motivated and responsible, with good communications skills, who take pride in doing their part to accomplish things in a quality manner.   



Please send information by email to   employment@uigi.com

(This UIG Job Posting was updated 19 June, 2016)

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