UIG: Full-service supplier of air separation plants, oxygen and nitrogen generators and CO2 plants. Gas & liquid supplier to end users and to distributors of bulk liquids & packaged gases. Employment opportunity in Tuscaloosa Alabama (AL) with Universal Cryo Gas.  Site Management / Operation of an Air Separation Plant producing oxygen and nitrogen gases for refinery use.

 Job Posting - Air Separation Plant Operations

Universal Cryo Gas - Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Universal Cryo Gas, LLC (UCG) owns and operates onsite gas production plants which supply clients with nitrogen and oxygen as on-site pipeline gases. UCG is affiliated with Universal Industrial Gases, Inc., a manufacturer of new air separation plants and supplier of reconditioned used industrial gas production plants.

UCG will be starting up an air separation plant in Tuscaloosa Alabama in 2009.

UCG requires experienced personnel to provide locally-based part-time plant operations and maintenance support to the highly-automated facility.


Air Separation Plant Site Manager / Operator - Tuscaloosa Alabama


Universal Cryo Gas - Onsite Gas Supplier.  Requires operations personnel in Tuscaloosa Alabama for new air separation plant serving a refinery.



Experienced person required to manage new air separation plant producing oxygen and nitrogen located within and serving a refinery.  Preferred candidates will have operations / maintenance experience in an air separation plant, chemical processing plant, or refinery, plus good communication skills, and a proactive and responsible team approach to problem solving. 

Following air separation plant startup, the position will be part time - requiring short periodic visits to the site for equipment checks, minor maintenance and liaison with customer operations and scheduling personnel. The air separation plant will operate in a highly automated, "unattended" mode under normal circumstances. 

Air separation plant site management / operations personnel will be subject to 24-hour call out to respond to unusual operating  conditions.  Remote operations monitoring and control capabilities via PC will minimize the necessity for plant visits to check on and modify operating conditions. UCG home office personnel will assist with diagnosis of operating issues, procurement of specialty items, and scheduling and execution of major maintenance activities. 

The site manager will have lead responsibility for ensuring that the plant is operated and maintained in a manner in compliance with UCG and industry safety standards and procedures, meeting product specifications and customer volume requirements, and attaining and sustaining a high level of plant on-stream / availability. 

Site operations personnel will coordinate their schedules to ensure all plant inspections and routine maintenance actions are performed as scheduled, and duly recorded in plant logs.  At least one local operator must be on call at all times to respond to power outages or other plant production disruptions. Operators will be responsible for calling out other local UCG employees and local maintenance resources as required to maintain safe, reliable and on-spec plant operations.

Candidate selection scheduled for September 2009 - to accommodate pre-startup training.

UIG and UCG offer the challenges and rewards of working in a relatively small company. 

We have a lean and flexible workforce, with fewer overheads and less inertia than our larger competitors.

We value both depth and breadth of experience.

We are seeking qualified people who are self-motivated and responsible, with good communications skills, who take pride in doing their part to accomplish things in a quality manner.   


Please send information by email to   employment@uigi.com

(UIG / UCG Career Center Job Postings Updated 28 August, 2009)

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