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Oxygen and Nitrogen Onsite Plant - Relocate and Upgrade

UCG Oxygen and Nitrogen Production Plant - Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

Universal Industrial Gases supplied a cryogenic oxygen and nitrogen production plant to Universal Cryo Gas as a fully installed and operational facility which is being used by UCG to supply oxygen and nitrogen to Hunt Refining.

Installation, checkout and startup of the Air Separation Plant project was
timed to coincide with Hunt Refining's startup of new equipment being installed as part of an $835 million refinery expansion program. 

The Hunt Refining expansion was designed to increase crude capacity at Tuscaloosa by 30%; while doubling production of gasoline and diesel fuel. Hunt's plant modifications include addition of a UOP CCR Platforming catalytic reforming process unit; addition of the UOP Unicracking Process for upgrading the quality of light fuel oil; and conversion of a fixed bed platforming unit to the Par-Isom Process to produce a low-benzene content, high octane, gasoline blending component.   

UIG supplied the air separation plant to UCG on a turnkey basis. The UIG scope of supply included process engineering; supply of the ASU cold box and other plant equipment; development of civil, mechanical, structural, electrical and instrumentation design packages; installation of the air separation/ nitrogen and oxygen production equipment; supply and installation of the liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen backup storage tanks and vaporizers; and field services throughout equipment installation, checkout and startup.

The plant began full commercial operation in early 2010.
Hunt refinery with UCG Oxygen and Nitrogen plant in lower left of photo UCG Tuscaloosa ASU and Storage Tanks
Hunt Refinery, Tuscaloosa, Alabama with UIG-Supplied, UCG-operated, Oxygen and Nitrogen Plant Lower Right Ground-level view of UCG Oxygen and Nitrogen Plant Site
UCG Tuscaloosa ASU producting  Oxygen and Nitrogen for Hunt Refining  UCG Tuscaloosa Plant serving Hunt Refining View from top of cold box

UCG Tuscaloosa Plant supplying oxygen and nitrogen to Hunt Refining

In-plant view of piping, Air Compressor, Cold Box, Storage and Vaporizers

View from top of cold box

ASU and backup storate vessels UCG Hunt Refining onsite under construction UIG installed - UCG operated air separation plant providing nitrogen and oxygen to Hunt Refining in Alabama

View of air separation plant during construction

ASU storage tank installation

View of nearly-complete UIG-UCG plant from a refinery structure


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