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  • UIG does not sell packaged gases in cylinders

  • UIG does not sell equipment for cylinder filling.   

  • UIG does not distribute bulk liquid products (trailers or dewars)

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Purchasing an Air Separation Plant to Produce Nitrogen and /or Oxygen and Argon
Purchasing Other Gas Production or Liquefaction Equipment 
On-site, over-the-fence Compressed Dry Air Supply
Purchasing Storage Tanks/ Vaporizers  
Purchasing Onsite-Produced Oxygen or Nitrogen
Other UIG Engineering, Operations or Maintenance Services   
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        Why will you need this product? What type of applications do you have in mind?
        Will demand be relatively constant,  24 hours/ 7 days a week?  If not, what is the typical use schedule?
        What can you tell us about expected variations in usage rate (hourly, daily, seasonal and longer term).
        What is the expected cost of electrical power (per kWh) at the plant site?       
        Are you planning to use this product to support a new plant (or process expansion)?
        If this will be new demand, what is the project status (planning, under construction, startup in 20 months, etc.)
        If you are considering changing onsite gas or liquid supplier, when will your current supply period end?  
        Will you require more than one type of gas or liquid product at this site? (If so, tell us more.)
        Would you allow nearby gas or liquid users to be served from this plant if it educed your product cost?
        Can you identify any likely prospects?


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