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UIG Project Showcase

Dismantle, Refurbish, Relocate with Process Addition

200 STPD GOX Onsite and Merchant LOX Plant
with New UIG-designed Cryogenic PLAR System;   Southeastern, USA

UIG provided a major US manufacturer and distributor of industrial gases with a "piggyback" gaseous oxygen and merchant liquid plant containing a combination of refurbished and new components, including a new UIG-designed all-cryogenic pure argon system.  The plant is sited near a new oxy-fuel burner system installed concurrently with the UIG-supplied plant. Compressed oxygen it transferred to the use point through a short in-plant pipeline. The merchant plant owner/ operator distributes liquid oxygen and argon products to customers in the local market.

The plant includes two refurbished cold boxes containing the main heat exchangers and distillation system and a new cold box housing a UIG-designed all-cryogenic pure argon production system plus liquefier components.

Refurbished & New Cold Boxes New Molecular Sieve Pre-Purification Unit & DCAC System
New equipment includes a centrifugal air compressor, direct contact air cooler, molecular sieve drier and impurity removal system, UIG-designed liquefier system, nitrogen refrigeration compressor and compander, and the UIG-designed cryogenic argon recovery and purification system.  Gaseous oxygen is produced at more than 20 psig by vaporizing LOX against incoming feed streams within the UIG-designed cold box, then compressed to final delivery pressure with a refurbished oxygen compressor.

UIG provided project management and process design services, dismantlement of the cold boxes, procurement of new items, shipment to site and field supervision throughout construction, commissioning and startup.. 

The plant produces liquid oxygen (LOX), pure liquid argon (PLAR) and provides a local customer with gaseous oxygen (GOX) for use with an oxy-fuel combustion system.

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