Add to Favorite Websites

Add the Unit of Measure Conversion Toolbox to your Favorite Websites

Internet Explorer:

1. Open on Internet Explorer and click on Favorites.
2. Click on "Add to favorites". A window will open confirming that Internet Explorer will add this page to your Favorites list and confirm the name of the page.
3. Click OK to continue.
4. You may also file this page within a folder in your list of Favorites. Click Create In to file the page in an existing folder or click New Folder to add another folder to your list.

Netscape Navigator:

1. Open in Netscape.
2. Click Bookmarks (on the upper left of the page, find Bookmarks next to the Location and URL)
3. Choose Add Bookmark to automatically add the page to your list of bookmarked web sites.
4. Choose File Bookmark to file your bookmark in a separate folder. Bookmarks can also be found under the Window option on your menu bar.

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