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Psychrometric Calculator
Properties of Air

The properties of air vary from place to place, by time of year, and even hour by hour.  For many practical reasons, from human comfort to industrial process design, the ability to determine and modify the properties of air is important. 


This on-line psychrometric calculator makes air property determination simple. 


The calculator accepts entries in either IP (inch-pound, or "English" units) or SI (System International, or "Metric" units). 


The initial dispaly will be in IP units.   To calculate in SI units, use the "Switch to SI" button. 


Enter three input variables, one of which is either the elevation (altitude) for the site or known absolute pressure, plus two known or desired air property values. Use the dropdown menu for each line to select the desired set of input units of measure.


The output data set will update automatically.


Psycrometric  Value  Input / Output Options   

Dry Bulb Temperature
Wet Bulb Temperature
% Relative Humidity
Dew Point Temperature
Humidity as Weight Ratio
Specific Volume

Atmospheric  Pressure  Options      


Absolute Pressure


PsyCalc is a psychrometric calculation applet created by the Linric Company.  It utilizes standard industry accepted equations and calculations. It is made available for use by visitors to this web site under license.

Linric Company produces a family of psychrometric analysis software products tailored for various user platforms, including PsycPro, the chart generation and process analysis software tool which was used to create the sea-level psychrometric charts which are available for download from this site.  I-P Chart   SI Chart

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