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Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. - Review of 2004

(News Release - Revised 6 February 2005 - Easton PA, USA)

Equipment and Services Business Shows Continuing Strength:

(24 January, 2005) Sam Piazza, President and CEO of Universal Industrial Gases, Inc, announced today that UIG equipment sales and services activities continued to rebound in 2004, reflecting the worldwide acceleration in business activity that began in late 2003.  During the year, UIG supplied a 175 tons per day oxygen and argon plant to Turkey and shipped a 100 tons per day cryogenic oxygen and argon plant to India.  

UIG initiated several sale-of-plant and services projects during 2004.  These include supply of a 4,500 Nm3/h oxygen plant to Brazil; supply of a 450 tons per day air separation plant to Mexico; and supply of engineering, procurement and field support services to an Indian company in conjunction with relocation and upgrade of a 350 metric tons per day air separation plant.

Company Announces Onsite Production/ Pipeline Supply Agreement:

During 2004, UIG signed a long-term onsite nitrogen production and pipeline supply agreement with a large US chemical company. UIG will supply the onsite customer with up to 150 tons per day of product, with service  beginning in the second half of 2005. 

According to Mr. Piazza, other equipment supply and gas and liquid product supply opportunities are in advanced stages of negotiation.  He expects high levels of business activity to continue throughout 2005. 

UIG-Supplied Oxygen, Argon and Liquid Products Plant On-stream in India:

In mid-2003, UIG contracted to furnish a used 90 metric tons per day oxygen plant and liquefier system, together with associated engineering and operations support, to an Indian manufacturer of stainless steel ingots, hot rolled coils, flat bars and plates . During 2004 the air separation plant was dismantled, shipped to an Indian port, installed at the customer site and commissioned. 

Oxygen and Argon Plant Delivered to Turkey:

In early-2004, UIG contracted to supply a used 175 tons per day (4700 Nm3/h) oxygen and argon plant along with associated engineering services, replacement and spare parts to a Turkish producer of steel billets, reinforcing steel bars and round and flat products. The plant was delivered in summer, 2004.  Installation and commissioning is by the owner with UIG support.  

About Universal Industrial Gases, Inc:

Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. (UIG) was founded in 1992, is headquartered in Easton, PA and operates worldwide.  UIG provides new, used and certified pre-owned air separation plants, oxygen and nitrogen generators, and cryogenic liquid storage and distribution equipment as well as related engineering, installation, operation and maintenance services.  In addition, the company recently entered the onsite gas and merchant liquid markets.  UIG products and services are used in numerous industries, including metals manufacturing and fabrication, chemicals, food and beverage processing, glass, pulp and paper.  For more information on UIG,  please visit www.uigi.com

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